We are a church who gathers

Weekend gatherings are the primary way we gather as a church around the bread and cup, to pray, learn the Scriptures, and worship together as the people of God, before we scatter in missional communities all week long. Throughout the week we gather as brothers and sisters in similar stages of life and age groups to grow together in our discipleship to Jesus.    

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We are a church who scatters

Missional Communities are the primary way that we scatter during the week to be the people of Jesus in our city. In Missional Communities, we are on the mission of God, as the family of God, making disciples of Jesus. We also scatter throughout the world to plant churches, do justice, and impact the world globally and locally with the Gospel.

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About River’s Edge

Located in Spokane, WA, we are a church for the city. We are a family of missionary disciples who want to see God’s will done in Spokane as it is heaven.

Gathering Times

We currently offer an online gathering via Zoom at 10am on Sundays

Gathering Place

We are not physically gathering at this time


(253) 970-7223


6516 N Windsor St Spokane WA 99208

River's Edge Church Events

  • Mid-week Fasting and Podcast

    We are inviting our community to fast every Wednesdays (dinner Tuesday night to dinner Wednesday night) as we pray for the end of the corona virus and God’s Kingdom advance in Spokane and the nations. We are also committed to releasing a mid-week podcast every Wednesday morning for the purpose of helping our community flourish during this unique time. You can access the mid-week podcast under the “Teaching” tab above.

    Dates: Ongoing

  • Remote Giving

    Half of all our church giving happens in person, but because we aren’t able to physically gather at this time, we’re inviting those who have determined to give to do so online (under the “give” tab above) or by sending their checks to: 6516 N Windsor St Spokane WA 99208. Thank you for empowering us to continue to operate during this time!

    Dates: Ongoing

    Location: 6516 N Windsor St Spokane WA 99208

  • Digital Gatherings

    Due to state recommendations regarding COVID-19 (the coronavirus), and the current order by the state to “shelter at home” we are canceling all in-person gatherings. Instead we are encouraging our missional communities to connect via Zoom, and we are also offering a digital Sunday gathering via Zoom. If you’d like to join one of our digital Sunday gatherings, please enter your email at the bottom of this webpage to sign up for the E-weekly and we’ll email you a link Sunday morning. If you can’t gather with us digitally, we also offering audio and video recordings of our Sunday teachings under the “teaching” tab above.

    If you’d like to join a missional community, or you have any immediate needs or prayer requests, please email mattd@respokane.org.

    Dates: Ongoing