We are a church who gathers

Weekend gatherings are the primary way we gather as a church around the bread and cup, to pray, learn the Scriptures, and worship together as the people of God, before we scatter in missional communities all week long. Throughout the week we gather as brothers and sisters in similar stages of life and age groups to grow together in our discipleship to Jesus.    

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We are a church who scatters

Missional Communities are the primary way that we scatter during the week to be the people of Jesus in our city. In Missional Communities, we are on the mission of God, as the family of God, making disciples of Jesus. We also scatter throughout the world to plant churches, do justice, and impact the world globally and locally with the Gospel.

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About River’s Edge

Located in Spokane, WA, we are a church for the city. We are a family of missionary disciples who want to see God’s will done in Spokane as it is heaven.

Gathering Times


Gathering Place

621 W Mallon
Spokane WA 99201
(top floor of Flour Mill - use elevators)


(253) 970-7223


6516 N Windsor St Spokane WA 99208

River's Edge Church Events

  • Kid’s Leader Orientation

    Interested in learning more about being a Kid’s Leader at River’s Edge? Join us for our Kid’s Leader Orientation Sunday October 4th right after the gathering! Food will be provided and it should last about an hour.

    Dates: Sunday October 4th

    Time: 11:30am (right after the gathering)

    Location: The Flour Mill

  • Indoor Gatherings

    Starting Sunday September 13th, we will begin gathering indoors at the Flour Mill (as opposed to outdoors at Audubon Park). Gatherings will be at 10am. To access the gathering space, proceed to the Floor Mill (downtown) and use the elevators near Clinkerdaggers restaurant to ascend to the top floor of the building. From there you will take two flights of stairs up to the gathering space. Please note that strollers must be carried up these two flights of stairs. Masks will be required at this time, and we will offer two kids classes (3 and under, and 4 and over). We look forward to seeing you there!

    *(we will also offer a livestream option for those who cannot gather in person or who prefer to gather with their small groups during this time)

    Dates: September 13th onward

    Time: 10am gathering

    Location: 621 W Mallon Ave Spokane WA 99201