How We Scatter

We follow Jesus every day of the week, which means that gathering together on Sundays is just a small part of what it means to be the church in our city.

Our daily lives take us throughout neighborhoods across Spokane where we live out the teachings of Jesus. At River’s Edge and beyond, missional community is central to living as intentional Jesus followers during the week.

Missional Communities

In Missional Communities, we are actively on the mission of God, as the family of God, making disciples of Jesus. Missional community can be quite simple. Consider where you already have elements of family, discipleship, and mission in your life. What would it look like to weave these elements into a weekly rhythm alongside other Jesus followers? Within these families we live as brothers and sisters, eating, praying, and sharing life together. This is also where we live as “missionaries,” joining in Jesus’ kingdom work in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and city. And finally, missional communities are where we grow in our discipleship to Jesus himself through collective scripture study, prayer, and conversation.

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Our Missional Community Leaders

  • Photo of Matt and Abby Deisen

    Matt and Abby Deisen

    Missional Community Leaders

    Group meets every other Thursday, 9 Mile area

  • Photo of Kelly and Diana Walters

    Kelly and Diana Walters

    Missional Community Leaders

    group meets Thursday nights, Country Homes/Whitworth area

  • Photo of Ben and Stephanie Greving

    Ben and Stephanie Greving

    Missional Community Leaders

    New group starting

  • Photo of Jon and Brooke Helm

    Jon and Brooke Helm

    Missional Community Leaders

    group meets Thursday nights, Audubon area